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LM8560 Datasheet

At first, I thank Mr. PRELLI who gave this information.

Several persons required to get the LM8560 datasheet,but I could not find it. On January 26, 1999, Mr. PRELLI who lived in Italy gave information to me about this datasheet. Further more, he succeeded in changing frequency setting to 60Hz from 50Hz by using this datasheet.

You can read the English Datasheet of this IC by the following procedure. You need Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your system to read a datasheet.

  1. Type "http://www.semic.sanyo.co.jp/index_e.htm" in the URL/Location Box of your browser.

  2. "Sanyo Semiconductor" Top Page is opened.  (Ref. Fig.1)

sanyo_a.gif (42545 バイト)

Fig.1 Top Page

  1. Move Cursor to "PRODUCT" TAB which is at the lower position of this frame.
    Then "data sheet" box is appeared. (Ref. Fig.1)

  2. Click "data sheet" box. (Ref. Fig.1)

  3. New page is opened. "OK" is displayed to the end of this frame.
    Click this "OK". (Ref. Fig.2)

sanyo_b.gif (29897 バイト)


  1. The "data sheet" frame is opened at the left side. (Ref. Fig.3)

sanyo_c.gif (63008 バイト)


  1. Type "LM8560" in the "Type Num.(keyword location) " Box. (Ref. Fig.3)

  2. Click "SEARCH" button. (Ref. Fig.3)

  3. The result frame is displayed at the right side. (Ref. Fig.4)

lm8560_2.gif (50436 バイト)


  1. If you want to read the English datasheet, Click "3490B". (Ref. Fig.4)

  2. The datasheet is displayed at the right side. (Ref. Fig.5)

lm8560_3.gif (55895 バイト)



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