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DTMF Receiver IC : LC7385    

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Kit / Parts   

Parts Set.   



Part Name   

DTMF Receiver LC7385   


IC manufacturer : SANYO Co.,Ltd.

Parts Shop : Akizuki Denshi Tsusho Ltd.

E-mail : akizuki@ains.tomakomai.or.jp

This Parts Set is got in Japan. At another country, it is very difficult to get this.


500 yen

( 500 yen is about $4.5, One dollar at the time of 110 yen.)    

Main parts   


The power supply   

5VDC 7mA   

Outline specification   

For Telephone Dial Tone.

Input Tone Code : 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,*,#,A,B,C,D

Output : 4bits parallel OutPut

This part set includes the following parts.

  (a) 3.58MHz X'tal 1pcs.   

Print Circuit Board   





18pin DIP   

Additional part(s)   

You must design an interface circuit by yourself. An additional part is based on this circuit.    


Be careful of the voltage value of VIH,VIL.


You can read the English Datasheet of this IC by the following procedure. You need Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your system to read a datasheet.

  1. Type "http://www.semic.sanyo.co.jp/index_e.htm" in the URL/Location Box of your browser.

  2. "Sanyo Semiconductor" Top Page is opened.  (Ref. Fig.1)

sanyo_a.gif (42545 バイト)

Fig.1 Top Page

  1. Move Cursor to "PRODUCT" TAB which is at the lower position of this frame.
    Then "data sheet" box is appeared. (Ref. Fig.1)

  2. Click "data sheet" box. (Ref. Fig.1)

  3. New page is opened. "OK" is displayed to the end of this frame.
    Click this "OK". (Ref. Fig.2)

sanyo_b.gif (29897 バイト)


  1. The "data sheet" frame is opened at the left side. (Ref. Fig.3)

sanyo_c.gif (63008 バイト)


  1. Type "LC7385" in the "Type Num.(keyword location) " Box. (Ref. Fig.3)

  2. Click "SEARCH" button. (Ref. Fig.3)

  3. The result frame is displayed at the right side. (Ref. Fig.4)

lc7385_2.gif (50448 バイト)



  1. If you want to read the English datasheet, Click "3003B". (Ref. Fig.4)

  2. The datasheet is displayed at the right side. (Ref. Fig.5)

lc7385_3.gif (58733 バイト)







Fig.1 Example

The image of the original designed circuit example that added the interface circuit for the printer port of PC-9801 series.

Also , Akizuki Denshi Tsusho Ltd. sells "PIC DTMF Decoder Kit" that is used this IC(LC7385). Specification of this kit is following.

  • Displayed on the LCD panel

  • 9VDC Battery(006P) operation

  • Compact size and Portable.

kit073c2.jpg (33601 バイト)

Fig.2 PIC DTMF Decoder Kit

"PIC" means 1chip IC (PIC16C84) made of Microchip Technology Inc.   

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