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Two Stage FM Transmitter Kit / DIY Kit32 (QK32)

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No.    177   
Kit / Parts     Kit   
Class.     Radio Frequency   
Part Name     Two Stage FM Transmitter Kit / DIY Kit32 (QK32)
Shop    Shop :  Quality Kits (http://www.qkits.com/serv/default.asp)
Manufacturer :
DIY Electronics (http://kitsrus.com/)
Price     Quality Kits price :

$14.99 CND(Canadian dollar)  on Dec.15, 2002

$15.99 CDN (Canadian dollar)  on Feb.10, 2001 (When I bought it.)   

Main parts     ZTX320 BC547 1N4148
The power supply     battery operated : 9V   
  • Operation Frequency :  Around 100MHz
  • AF amp + OSC + RF Amp
  • RF detector's parts are incuded.
Print Circuit Board    3 STAGE FM Tx KIT32
Case     -   
Size     W70mm , D 17mm , H 15mm   
Additional parts     -   
  • Web page : http://kitsrus.com/kits.html#k32

    You can download the manual of this kit.


  • FM Transmitter Kits for Beginners


Modify     -   


[ Appearance of the package ]

[ The package of kit's parts ]

[ Electronic parts ]

[ Battery code , wire , PCB and  mechanical Parts ]

[  Parts fot RF detector ]

[ Outside of the TAG ]

[ Inside of the TAG ]

[ Appearance of the assembled kit ]


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Two Stage FM Transmitter Kit / DIY Kit32 (QK32) (Japanese Edition )

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