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No.     74    
Kit / Parts    Kit   
Class.    Accessories    
Kit Name    VOICE CHANGER   
Shop    Akizuki Denshi Tsusho Ltd.

E-mail : akizuki@ains.tomakomai.or.jp

This kit is got in Japan. At another country, it is very difficult to get this.   


2,200 yen

( 2200 yen is about 17 $, One dollar at the time of 130 yen.)    

Main parts    MSM6322 (OKI , SOP Package) , NJM386D , S81350   
The power supply    5V or 610V (006P passable)    
Outline specification    Musical interval change range : +/- 1 octave.

The musical interval is changed by following switches.

  (a)  UP        (b) NORMAL     (c) DOWN    

Print Circuit Board    Original Board : Type AE-6322   
Case    -   
Size     Width 47 mm , Depth 72 mm , Height 16 mm (AE-6322)   
Additional part(s)    One 220μ F for an amplifier output condenser.
One 0.047
μ F and 10Ω for voice amplifier output oscillation prevention circuit.

(Refer to Fig.1)    

Comment    I can not get the clear voice without putting closer the mouth to the condenser microphone of the attached speaker. I guess that this cause is lack of the attached microphone's gain or this microphone amplifier's gain.  Now, I do not try to improvement.

S/N ratio is no good.  I feel this kit is used for only personal use.    


I reviewed the output circuit.

(a) Output decoupling condenser(47uF) was changed to 220uF.

(b) The series RC (0.047uF + 10 ohm) parts were added.

KIT074F2.GIF (3003 バイト)

Fig. 1 Output circuit.



kit074a2.jpg (30688 バイト)

Fig . 2  the parts of this kit.


kit074d2.jpg (29848 バイト)

Fig.3  The part face of the kit.

kit074e2.jpg (30978 バイト)

Fig.4 The solder face of the kit.

1 The consumption current of the kit.

    Volume 0%     :  12.9mA    at 9Vdc   
    Volume 100%     :172.9mA   at 9Vdc   


2 Remarks

  • The size of a 1uFcondensor is big. This cause to be difficult to install this condenser. The install of this condenser is difficult in this size. As this countermeasure, I bent the lead wires 90 degree and installed. (Refer to Fig.3)
  • MSMS6322 is soldered like Fig.4. The know-how of this soldering is described to the attached assemble manual(Japanese). And this special solder is attached to this kit.

However, you do not become a nervous. You do not worry about solder bridge(s).   You set a solder iron temperature to a little high temperature and finished to solder in a short time.
The IC is damaged by the low solder iron temperature and the long time work.

  • After this kit was assembled, I found that voice did not outputted. I checked this kit and found that speaker voice coil wire is cut. There is such a case occasionally on Akizuki's kit.
  • The voice was outputted after the speaker exchange.  However, the output voice was noisy. I confirmed the musical interval change, but, I could not hear  clearly. When I put closer the mouth to the microphone, the output voice became clearly.
    The attached manual said "the amplifier gain is set up with the about 10cm from your mouth to microphone".  This explanation means that is necessary to speak with the big voice.  Also, I knew that S/N ratio of this kit( or IC ) is not good in this process.

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